I've got the Bug bug!

OK, so I've never been one to make a pattern more than once (besides schnibbles that is). However, I've recently found myself addicted to June Bug....I LOVE making this quilt.

I made this one which hangs in the shop:
Fabric: It's A Hoot

And this one for my friends beautiful baby:
Fabric: Bliss

And I started this one Thursday so I'd have one to demo on when I teach the class:
Fabric: Maison de Garance Jelly Roll
Yep, I'm using a way different fabric genre....I LOVE it!
It's going to look awesome in my home....
or at the Good Earth Village Quilt Auction this fall.
It's going to have a red border, brown binding and the print piece is for the back.
(as shown above)

However, I got to caught up in applique last night 
and made them all leaving nothing to demo.
You know what that mean don't you....
You got it, I get to do it again :)

This time I may just do a few blocks and make a table topper-
There is such thing as too much of a good thing!

PS: I think I should mingle my work life with my personal life and use my securities license to buy stock in the Steam-A-Seam company....between all the wool projects I do and this new obsession with applique, I go through more of that stuff than you could ever imagine!

I'm off let off a "Bug Bomb" in my sewing area!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hot tip on stock in steam a seam!

Kucrud said...

Thanks for the hot tip on stock in steam a seam!

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