"Everybody know what time it is?"

Bin ford tools is proud to present:

OK, maybe not tool time...but rather show and tell time!

When I hear the words "show and tell", I go back to elementary school. I shared some pretty awesome things. I think of birds nests, vacation pictures, one time I took my puppy and I think a chicken even made an appearance once. In the quilting world, show and tell means anything you've worked on that you want to share with others.

This lead me to this idea:
blog show and tell.

You see all of my projects and what I'm working on, but I never get to see what you all stitch up!

We all love seeing what others are working on and often get great projects from other peoples accomplishments. It's also fun to show off what you're proud of :)

Send me pictures of ANY projects you've worked on in February...not just Schnibbles. These can include anything creative, sewn, or stitched. Quilts, bags, runners, pillows, curtains, clothes, candle mats, etc..ANYTHING. You never know what is going to inspire who!

Think of all the potential shared inspiration :)

Send them to: calicohutch@gmail.com by March 15th.
Please also include the name of the pattern.

Extra cool points to those who can tell me in a comment to this post
what 90's sitcom I've quoted!
(please read the small print below)

Can't wait to see and share!

(Cool points are non-redeemable and are not used in any sort of record keeping or ranking of coolness...they aren't even tallied or kept track of. Cool points are just that...cool points and were designed to make the recipient think they have been awarded something life changing when in all reality, they've been awarded nothing...zero, zip, zilch, nada, yada yada, uff da!)


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? It was Home Improvement. But, I think you are too young to even know when it was on not in reruns. How many extra points do I get for being the first correct response? :)


Anonymous said...

Home Improvement, we loved that show! So much so, we seem to be always in home improvement in our home!!

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