Cure for Spring Fever: Ideas # 1

I know Spring is coming because:
1) There were birds singing Saturday morning.
2) I have the urge to make things grow.

Saturday afternoon I ran out to the store and came back with this stuff to make kitchen gardens.
Here's what you'll need:
(seed starter trays, starting soil, seeds, markers, toothpicks, water)
I use this soil:

Fill your trays and dig a little hole (only 1/4"ish deep) and add your seeds being sure to keep track of what you put where!!!

I colored to top of toothpicks and assigned one color to each variety of seed:

Then cover up your seeds with more soil...not too much!

(note: there is a HUGE difference between dirt and soil. My mom taught me this at a very young age. Dirt is what you get in your dust pan, soil is what you plant things in!)

Now that we've got the whole dirt/soil thing squared away, water your seeds.

 The instructions on the back of the soil bag said to "cover with plastic or a sheet of paper. Here's the thing...plastic wrap (what was used by the genius who wrote the instructions) won't stick to paper and can enough little rays of sunshine really get through the paper??

How is photosynthesis supposed to happen???
How will my seeds grow????

That's when I got smart...I put each little tray in a zippy lock bag! The bag holds the moisture in, holds the heat in  little and lets all those wonderful rays of sunshine in to my seed so they can sprout....like little greenhouses!

and then I put them in the sunniest window in my home.

I'll keep you posted on their growth!
I think they'll make great Spring gifts!
(It cost around $10 total for all 4 trays complete!)

Happy Growing!

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