Cure for Spring Fever: Idea #4

Treat your sewing machine to something springish...here are some ideas-

NEW Bright, fun flannels

Fun, fresh kit....the picture isn't that great, but the fabrics are
modernish florals...very cute :)

I also would recommend watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers while sewing up something springish for your home..pay special attention to the "Spring, Spring, Spring" song.

Springish thread...can you go wrong?
I love the quilted skirts...However, I'm not sure just how practical the white skirts are when tromping around a spring barnyard! I tend to choose old jeans, rubber muck boots and a zip up sweatshirt when I play outside in the sping!
PS: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers just may be my favorite musical....that's saying a lot because you all know just how much I love the Sound of Music!

Happy Spring Sewing!

1 comment:

Elizabeth Harty said...

I love Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I will forever hear Howard Keel singing "Bless Your Beautiful Hide" as a love song.

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