Giggle, Giggle, Quilt, Giggle, Giggle

This year for her birthday, I gave my little cousin K some 3" strips and a little "my first sewing machine". The gift also came with a sewing day with me....so....Saturday was the big day and here's what we came up with.

(Note: She's 7 and her birthday is 2 days before mine 20 years apart.....she tells me "we're like twins, Kate"....and our kindergarten pictures look "just the same".)
We had to use my sewing machine because
A) It had speed control
B) hers has one stitch length.....1/4" long!

We made the simple quilt where you sew all the short ends together to make a looooong snake.
Then giggle for a while.
Then fold in half RST and sew the length...repeat and giggle till you have a quilt.
When it came time for the back I told her we had 2 options:
A) One big piece of pink or
B) 2 pieces of "soft stuff"
She jumped up and down saying "soft stuff, soft stuff, soft stuff."
and then giggled for about 10 min.
She loves it and is taking it to school for show and tell...
and she thought it would be a good idea if she took me for show and tell too :)
I told her that just the quilt was probably enough!
And then she giggled some more-


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Jolyn said...

What a fun story!! I love teaching my grandkids how to quilt. Most of them are boys, so it's all about "power"!! They have to get their "sewing license" first and one of them when he got home wondered if it was good at the library.

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