Feb 2011 Retreat Part 1: Show and Tell

Disclaimer: I apologise for the lack of humorous content housed within this post....I pinkie swear, cross my heart, promise that I will make it up to you in the near future....
I've got it all planned out....sorry I can't say more:)

OK, so I spent a chunk of time at the retreat this afternoon / evening in hopes of catching some shots of the show and tell....There were LOTS of beautiful things!!!

Here's some of what I saw:

Also, stay tuned for more from the retreat. I still have pictures of fat quarter blackjack, people sewing up a storm and even some surprises too :)

Thanks for a good afternoon / evening retreators!
Oh yeah, I was digging out my keys to go home, and then they made me do this...

How come I feel like I just black mailed myself??


Farm Quilts said...

Thanks for the pictures! So many show and tell!! I was in Austin yesterday...just blocks away... basketball tournament! Our 7th graders team won.

Elizabeth Harty said...

Thanks for all the photos. What amazing quilts. I'm doing my first Calico Hutch retreat in April and really looking forward to it.

There was one scrappy quilt that had a black/white four patch running through it. Do you know the name of the pattern?
Thanks Katie!

Katie said...

If we're thinking of the same quilt, it's a scrap quilt...for some reason I'm thinking the pattern is in the book Stash Magic...I know who made it and I'll try to find out for sure.

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