Retreat Weekend / somebody cut me off!!

Mom and I retreated this past weekend. It was a wonderful time and we came home feeling very relaxed and rejuvenated. We made lots of new friends and did our share of giggling / laughing hysterically at / with our fellow retreators. We were very fortunate to be surrounded by cheerful people filled with giddiness and the sillies. We were quite productive and finished a fair amount of projects. I'll take some pictures and share soon.

( Mom and Me at the big kitchen table at the Primitive Gatherings retreat house)
And lastly, a shot of our group. We were sad to see them go....we really just wanted to stay a few more days. I'm sure you all know how that goes! Mom is in the front row wearing brown. I'm in the back...the tall one on the right side holding my project upside down as only I could manage to accomplish. My laughter buddy and fellow jokester was Mary...she's sitting down on the far right wearing a white shirt.
Speaking of retreating, did you know there is a Calico Hutch retreat at the Holiday Inn in Austin, MN this weekend? I'm pretty excited to make an appearance at some point to see some quilty friends and snap some pics of projects and show & tell. I was there last night helping with a little set up.

Somehow this huge pile of quilt shop goodness and the fabric organizational sense of Mary R. and Myrle....
And the lungs of Carolyn's oldest grandchild combined with the decorative styling of Laurie and Susan from the shop.
All comes together in the end to create a mobile Calico Hutch....
you know, it's like the bookmobile (does that still exist??)
I did the pattern table and notion table...I'm pretty proud of myself :)
Oh yeah, my mom also quilted my June Bug quilt....I super duper love what she comes up with. You'll have to excuse the lighting....I tend to have nocturnal tendencies and only get around to taking pictures late and night when there is zero natural lighting....maybe I should move to Alaska, land of the midnight sun. Then I would (for at least a little while) have unending natural lighting. Ctrl + Alt + Delete (undo for those who don't read computer lingo) that thought, Come to think of it, that would only really solve the problem for a few days and at the end of the all daylight period of time, I would have to move to a cave and enter into a time of solitude and hibernation because I wouldn't have gotten enough sleep and besides, that's where bears hibernate. Maybe this isn't that bad of a plan after all..I love sleep. Uh Uh!!! wait, no power in caves = no sewing machine. However, no sewing machine = wool projects....I LOVE WOOL PROJECTS, but caves are dark and thus there wouldn't be enough natural lighting so I would have to use my Ott light and as stated before, no power...I better stay in MN and consider making some lifestyle changes....or just taking pictures before it gets too dark!

I apologise for the above incessant ramblings...when I get started I just can't stop!
I took this close up so you can see how her quilting really accented the applique and made the blocks POP! Bing, bang, BOOM! Thanks mom :)

Hang on, something just popped into my brain...In Northern Exposure (yes, the AWESOME TV show from the 90's) Marilyn Whirlwind managed to knit pretty much everywhere....see...here she is in Dr. Fleischman office, it was pretty dark and dingy in there:

maybe I would be OK working on wool projects, or I could knit...maybe she would teach me how to make socks?? If she can do it, so can I. However, it would be interesting learning from her because A) she speaks in one or two word sentences, and B) she is a fictional character as is Sicely Alaska.

I'm in the dark on this lighting thing..
any ideas?


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Farm Quilts said...

I saw the picture on Primitive Gatherings site and wondered if that was the two of you. Mystery solved.

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