Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Okie Dokie....
I had a lot of fun reading why (and in some cases why not) people like the color red. It was also fun discovering how different people use this color throughout their home and daily life (or in some cases, don't).

Everyone who commented got their name on a strip of paper....trust me, they're all there...some are just hiding underneath!
Then I threw them in an old bowl I got at an antique store REALLY cheap and tossed them around a little to make sure they were scrambled good.
Then I put a piece of double stick tape on my cats paw and stuck it in the bowl so I could say that I had someone else do the drawing.....just kidding, I picked the name but I PROMISE I didn't peek!

And...drum roll please....our winner is:
Cathy said:

"I love the color 'red', right now I would say my favorite thing is the purse I carry , the apple I'm about to eat and the beaded roses we made for my daughters graduation! The fabric collection would be a wonderful treat to win!"
Congratulations, Cathy!!! The beautiful, red, civil war fats will be waiting for you at the Calico Hutch! They'll be eagerly waiting for you behind the counter next time you stop by for a visit!

For the rest of you, thank you for participating!!! Stop by often as there will be another give away in the near future as BLUE week is amongst us!

PS....I didn't get much stitchin' done this weekend as I was being the very best auntie I could be. I had the honor of babysitting 2 of my 3 nephews...they're 18 months old, twins, pretty dang cute, and they had a fascination with my tenny-runners...They also were delivered to me wearing spiffy "My Aunt Rocks!" t-shirts...here they are:
See ya later alligator!

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Farm Quilts said...

Those boys are so cute! You were the lucky one who got to have them for the weekend11

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