Cheese, impartiallity, laundry and a bus

First of all....sorry there are no pictures in this post :(
I'll be better next time

wow....I've spent the last 4 days in the land of cheese
That's right....Wisconsin
In case you're wondering, they're still not over the whole Brett Favre thing.

Mom and I went to the Quilt Expo in Madison and took classes.
I learned some pretty neat little things to share with you-
Especially about color and it's use in quilts and working with wool!

In case you're wondering, wool was the big thing at the expo.
Every booth had wool projects-
If you haven't tried wool before and are thinking you would like to, check out our newsletter, there is a beginning class being offered toward the end of the month (I think).
Wool is easy, forgiving, and timeless...Once you start, you can't stop!
It's wonderful.

Also....along with the Expo and classes comes the vendor mall...
Let me just say (with out being biased)
we are very fortunate to have the Calico Hutch
I now realize just how spoiled I am :)

On that note, I got's me some washin to do!
And I work at the shop tomorrow for the bus trip.
So if you're looking for something to do, stop on by and say hi.
There's always something new and exciting to see at the Calico Hutch!

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