Just call me "Project Queen"...mom does!

It's been a few days and I suppose you are wondering what in the world I have been doing to fill the time between work and sleep. Besides riding horse and drinking coffee, this is why a layer of dust is beginning to form on my furniture and the laundry basket is rapidly reaching maximum capacity.

When I was a younger version of myself that didn't have bags under my eyes, my mom (quilting buddy/best friend) referred to me on a regular basis as her "Little Project Queen". I was never happy till I had a minimum of 3 crafty projects going at any time. This also means that there was a MINIMUM of 3 messes scattered in various locations around our home. To this day, I live up to these expectations as you can see by the picture I took a few minutes ago of my project board. Now, I'll take you on an up close and personal tour of my current projects....watch out!

This pile of civil war squares is about to (within the next week) become flying geese....220 of them total....this quilt is going to be beautiful (in my opinion) and will be kitted and available at the Calico Hutch. I hope to get this beaut done in the next week (or so), so it can get quilted and hung at the store. A little bit of trivia about my quilting history; this is the first Civil War quilt I have ever made....Civil War has moved up and became a favorite genre of mine, following Fig Tree of course for those of you who know me!

These are what the above will become if they eat their Wheaties....there are 4 of every goose pictured, I am farther along than it looks. By the way, I thoroughly enjoy making flying geese, don't know why, just do!

Wool is good for the soul....this mama robin and her babies are out of the Primitive Gatherings book "Summer Gathering". It is set on batik and will have a cute little quote embroidered above the nest. These little guys will also be kitted and available at the Calico Hutch. Also, everything in the book is nice. I plan to make most EVERYTHING in it...there are several other projects from "Summer Gathering" being made up that will be on display at the shop with kits.

And of course, the October Schnibbies project....McGuffy made from Fig Trees "Fresh Cottons". I really need a new camera....the colors are not as bright as they appear, their more subdued and fresh looking....I love it....it will be great on my table. It still needs a inner boarder and of course the standard Schnibble piano key border.
And lastly, a MAJOR thorn in my side, my 2010 Moda University blocks....I'm currently like 5 months behind. Last night I dug out what I thought were all of the patterns, picked out fabric, and cut them all out. I got finished with one month and the conversation with myself went like this:
Voice in my head: Gee Kate, maybe you should lay out the blocks you already have do just to be sure you don't over use one color.

ME: OK self, that's a great idea.

Voice in my head: I knew that was a great idea, that's why I brought it up.

ME: What would I do with out you?

Voice in my head: Make the same block twice

ME: Wait voice in my head, I did make the same block twice.

Voice in my head: Dude, Really? I thought you were smarter than that.

ME: Don't rub it in voice in my head, it's late and I'm tired and seriously coffee deprived.

Voice in my head: Nice piecing!

ME: Nice try, but that hole your digging is getting deeper.

Voice in my head: Over and out good buddy!

You get the picture...check out the 2 top left blocks and the 2 bottom left block. I'm frustrated!!!!!

On that note...How many projects are you working on at the moment (of course not counting the ones packed away:) )
Hope you're having good week!


Anonymous said...

I always have at least a dozen projects in various stages! My sewing table is always piled high. I don't think I've seen the whole table cleared in years!!!

cathy rebelein said...

I love the color "Red", right now I would say my favorite thing is the purse I carry, the apple I'm about to eat and the beaded roses we made for my daughters graduation! The fabric collection would be a wonderful treat to win!!
Thanks Katie for starting this blog!
Cathy Rebelein

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