Color Lesson No. 2: BLUE

Now this is one BLUE post....don't let it get you down!!

I believe Patsy Cline said this weeks color best: "Blue..ooooo.ooooo.oooh"

We all learned about the 3 primary colors in at a young age (RED, BLUE and YELLOW), and we somewhere along the line I'm guessing you probably were educated that the color wheel is built around those three primary colors. Last week we found out about RED and even got to read about how some of our fellow quilters like to use the color around their home. This week, we're moving around the wheel to BLUE.

BLUE is as very calming color found often in nature. It can be strong and steadfast or light and friendly. Most people like some shade of the color BLUE. The calming, coolness of BLUE can calm people down and even make time pass more quickly. It is also said that blue is a good color to use in bedrooms. A not of caution, too much BLUE can make you feel BLUE :)

BLUE is also used to convey confidence and power. Thus, the police officer uniforms, and quite often it's used a corporate color.

Different shades of the color BLUE can be used to convey different things. Royal BLUE add a touch of confidence or even superiority. Navy BLUE is really dark and is thus seen as warmer than light blues. A combo of light and dark BLUE suggests trust and truthfulness. If light BLUE is mixed with other pastel colors (pink, green and yellow) it suggests the lightness of springtime while deep, dark blue eludes to a cooler time of year.

I will never forget the following BLUE things:

~ Elvis and his "BLUE Suede Shoes"

~ The introduction of the BLUE M&M

~ The BLUE of the American Flag

~ The wild BLUE yonder

~ My BLUE 1991 Buick Le Sabre

~Deep BLUE Somethings song "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

~ Baby BLUE eyes

~Winning a BLUE ribbon at the fair

~ The BLUES - the music
~ Jake and Elwood BLUES: The Blues Brothers

~ BLUEberries for Sal....my FAVORITE book when I was little

~ the great BLUE heron....they fly funny!

~ and my great-grandpa Ole's favorite color "Sky-BLUE-pink"

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