Retreat Weekend

Couple things...
1) Welcome to a pictureless post....well, i'm sure you'll be making mental pictures :)
2) Austin Retreat weekend is upon us and i'm getting excited!

I've been working on getting my projects to work on ready for the weekend and have come up with the following list:

1) Civil War Tribute - Piece HST units for border
2) Civil War Tribute - Finish Feb blocks
3) Stitchers Club - Step 2 HST units
4) Farmer's Wife - Blocks 10-18
5) Baby Quilt - Boy
6) Baby Quilt - Girl
7) June Bug - Bind
8) Schnibble - Bind
9) Mystery from 2/2011 retreat - Bind
10) Baby quilt - Bind
11) Stitch and go make it quilt - Bind

Here's my projection of what I'll actually get done:

8) Schnibble - Bind
12) Featured Retreat Mystery Quilt - Piece....yes, this wasn't on my list....that's how I roll. I procrastinate and do lots of what doesn't need to get done :)

So....I figured out how to blog from my iphone so watch out....I hope to keep you up to speed on what I actually accomplish. Don't be shocked if don't do anything :)

If you're in the Austin area this weekend, stop in and say HI!

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