There's a hole in my finger!

Seriously, there is a hole in my finger...It's quite small like the eye of a needle and on the top of my right hand middle finger. It's there and it's from binding and wool projects and not wearing a thimble when I should have. I have a love hate relationship with this hole...you see, he and I have been through a lot together...a lot of thread that is :)  I often take a break from hand sewing to give the skin a chance to grow back together. Then I start going through withdrawls and head back to hand stitching thinking that it's all better and the callous will protect me. WRONG! Time after time I'm wrong and within the first couple stitches, the eye of the needed finds the hole and jabs me....right....in...the....needle hole. I can say that I graduated from college with honors, yet I'm still not smart enough to learn just to wear the stinkin thimble.

Here's what I have to do this weekend: Bind, bind, bind.

Top to bottom: Schnibble, schnibble, twin, baby, couch throw, queen

I'm thinkin a movie marathon to go with my bidnding phenomenon!

Hang in there finger hole....my life would not be the same without you!


Farm Quilts said...

A good movie is a real incentive to get a binding done. Have you ever tried the thimblepads? My finger gets sore after wearing a thimble for so long and the thimblepad is a welcome relief.

Katie said...

I have some of those and I also really like the timble with jelly/rubberish stuff on the bottom and a traditional metal top...I have one of those gray comfort fit things that looks like the cap on a church table leg too but don't like that as well. I will have to get the thimblepads out again...thanks for the reminder!I'm sensing another post coming on :)

Jo said...

This is EXACTLY the reasons why I switched to sewing my binding on with my machine. It I am doing hand work I want it do be on a project...not binding.

Robert said...

I don't use a thimble either - just got 5 quilts back from the quilter - 4 down and 1 to go. Put it up for a couple days, but will get it done over the weekend.

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