Big Plans Ahead!

I spent hours and hours cleaning, organizing and rearranging my sewing zone this past weekend....I actually usually really enjoy this process. For me, any cleaning is fun as long as I get to rearrange the furniture! If they put odometers on furniture, mine would have more miles than a used car. I think part of my fascination for moving things around comes from how you feel when you're done...like you have a whole new room...all ready to mess up :)
So....enough with that...I'm sure y'all really don't care about the fact that I have a serious obsession with moving my furniture. Now that I have a beautifully clean creative area, I plan to cut in to some of the 2011 Minnesota fabric and mess up this place of beauty as fast as I can. Maybe I should take a picture first to have proof of how clean it was...

I have big plans for some hopefully awesome projects. I've discovered that no matter how cool it may look on paper or in my brain, sometimes it bombs when fabric gets involved!

I'll keep you posted as things progress!

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