This weekend is going to be WONDERFUL!!!

So, I'm gettin' all excited for a whole weekend of nothin' but stitchin'!

Okay, okay, okay...maybe some gabbin' and gigglin' too....just maybe.
Oh yeah and there will be some nibblin' and eatin'.
And we'll review our latest readin' and do some book swappin'...
and there will most likely be some serious time spent talkin' about TV show drama..You know, NCIS, NCIS: LA, a little Grey's and some Bones and some Castle....I like Psych.

If we get all the above under control in a timely manner, I have all of this planned:

(In order of importance to me!...kind of)

No. 1 ~ My Favorite Bag
Make 1 handle and finish assembly
Estimated 1 1/2 hrs to complete

No. 2 ~ Another "June Bug" quilt
Blocks all done, borders done
Estimated 3 hrs to complete

No. 3 ~ Quilt Schnibble ~ "Little Red"
Pink & brown Civil War prints
Estimated 1 hr to complete
(2 1/2 hrs if I bind too!)

(In no particular order...I want em' all REALLY bad!!!!)
No. 1 ~ Brocante Schnibble
Cut & piece
Estimated 6 - 8 hrs....estimated

No. 2 ~ Swoon
LOVE this one.... i love it,  I Love It,  I LOVE IT!!!
(yay SNL skits...)
Already cut out and ready to stitch
Estimated 8 hours....or more....or less

No. 3 ~ Gum Drop Pillows
Cut, piece, stuff, put feet up...
Super excited for the ottoman one!!!
Estimated 3 hrs (for 2)...
Strongly leaning toward 4 hrs.

No. 4 ~ Month 2 Civil War Tribute Blocks
Already have a TON of hst made so I just have to piece to 4 blocks
Estimated 3 hours
(there's a ton of pieces....tiny-ish pieces)

Totalled that ONLY equals like 26 hours...
I WILL not get it all done :)

I'll keep you posted on my progress throughout the weekend!
Wish me luck-

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It is always good to have HEALTHY goals! Otherwise where would we ever get?! Do good! Love M

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