Darlene Zimmerman Class: Part 2

I'm back with more Pictures from the Darlene Zimmerman class last weekend. As always, she brought a WONDERFUL trunk show with her to share with her class. And as always, everything was STUNNING! So, for those of you who were not able to be there and also for those of you who were and like me can never see enough quilt pictures, here are some snaps of what we saw:

This is her Oopsie Daisie  pattern what was inspired by.....

This vintage top she purchased.

My personal favorite...Trip around the world, 1" finished squares!

Forgot what this one was called. She explained how this one was constructed using primarily scraps!
 There were several other quilts too...it just took a while for the light bulb in my head to pop on and remind me that I have friends over in blogland that would love to see some of this stuff.

Hope you've enjoyed!


Farm Quilts said...

That Trip Around the World quilt is beautiful!!! Took a lot of patience making it.

Anonymous said...

The trip around the world was an inspiration. That will definately go on my list of Have to do someday!

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