Your ideas please!

There are some projects that are more fun if there is a "support group" you can fall back on. Over the past couple years, I've heard a lot of people talking about wanting to make Sylvia's Bridal Sampler but haven't taken the leap and made the commitment.

Here's where I come in.
I would like to do a quilt along through this blog. Not sure exactly how it will work yet, but here's what I'm thinking:
Set amount of blocks each month (6-10?). Quarterly sew days at the Calico Hutch to get together and see every one's pretty blocks and catch up on sewing blocks...maybe with a pot luck. There would be kits (prob just fat groups) available a few times throughout the year to break up the expense (30 when you start, 30 a couple months later, 30 a little after that...you get the picture.) And of course, I would have a place on this blog for participants to post pictures of their progress and also ask questions/help each other. I figure, 140 - 6" blocks are easier to complete if you're doing it as a group! Also, if you're not comfortable with some of the methods, there is nothing saying you "have" to do ALL the blocks! However, this may be a really good way to learn new things!

So, is this something that interests you?
What are some of you're thoughts?

I know of some other groups that have done things like this with success!
I'm excited!


Elizabeth Harty said...

Those quilts with so many blocks can seem overwhelming, so doing it as a group might help. I think the idea of using the blog to share ideas and questions is a great way to connect.
I'm in.

Anonymous said...

I'm in. I have just been waiting to do this quilt. I'm thinking paper piecing might become my best friend! Love, M

Pam said...

I'm very interested. I would also be interested in having a support group, hoping it can be on a Saturday so people who don't live close can participate.

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