2010 Moda U Quilt...Part 1

Tomorrow (Sat) starts the 2011 year of Moda U at the Calico Hutch. You are ALL welcome to join in on the fun. Each month there are treats, show and tell and you also get to see all the new Moda stuff in the store.

However, this month we get some sort of extra something for having our 2010 Moda quilt done. Each month we made 2 star blocks and an applique block. I opted out of the applique block because I had a plan to do something different....as usual....I can never just go with the flow.

I got out some graph paper and after about 2 hours of drawing and erasing, this is what I came up with....
If I would have ever fathomed how much time it was going to take to piece all those little squares and flying geese....I probably would have finished it like we were supposed to. I don't know what in the world I was thinking.
Here's a little close up of the finished center:
Hopefully tonight I'll have enough time to sew up the star blocks I'm missing...yes, I got behind on the club stuff over the summer.

Because I didn't know how I was going to finish the project when I bought the fabric, and I didn't want to run out (been there, done that, not happening again if I can help it) I just guessed and then added a little....I will have enough to make another entire quilt...queen....yay...I love these fabrics. (Aster Manor by 3 Sisters for Moda)
This is just a portion of my left overs:Any ways...Moda club is a lot of fun and I highly recommend it....tomorrow morning...9:30....Calico Hutch...here's this years project:

I really like the way it finishes so I"ll probably follow that pattern this time :)

P.S. I love little, tiny pieces!

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Anonymous said...

Your leftover Astor Manor would look great in next years quilt too. Perfect! Love, M

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