It's beginning to look a lot like christmas!

So, the sewing machine hasn't taken very many stitches lately...don't worry, I've got a ton of stuff lined up for after the holidays. Last night I went to Des Moines to see Mannheim Steamroller in concert...they were AMAZING!!!! Now I'm REALLY in the Christmas spirit...watch out!

I LOVE decorating for Christmas and thought I would share some of my very favorite Christmas things.

1) I ALWAYS buy a red poinsettia...this year I picked this one because I liked the variegated look....Yes, it's in my large Fiesta canister.

2) The doily under the poinsettia was made by my great-grandma (we lovingly called her "granny"). She was absolutely obsessed with making these "Christmas doilies" and she made sure EVERYONE had one. Granny donated this one to a charity auction where my mom bought it and then later gave it to me because she thought I needed one...sure enough, she was right, I did need one. Now I put it out every Christmas and think of her. It makes me smile and then usually get a little misty...Oh, sentimental me.

3) My Christmas quilt. I made this one last year and it was at the shop till probably July as a sample so this is the first Christmas it has adorned my living room wall. I LOVE IT!

Fabric: Figgy Pudding by Basic Gray for MODA
Pattern: Peppermint Posies by Thimbleblossoms...one of my FAVORITE designers :)


4) My nativity. One of my auties (aunt) gave me this set over the course of a few Christmas'. This year I set it up "cascading" down my piano...
5) My tree. I'm one of those "real tree" people...don't know why, just am. This picture was taken by accident when I was fussing with the gifties. Kind of nifty though I thought!
I like the red and white look and and each year I pick up a couple specialty type red and/or white ornaments. Here you can see a star, baseball, acorn....and lots and lots of ribbons and berries..even a couple birdies!

I believe that you can never have too many lights...800 lights on my little tree this year...it looks brilliant!

6) My VERY FAVORITE Christmas decorations are wrapped gifts. I love wrapping and even more I love real bows. Of course, I coordinate the paper with the tree and the ribbons with the paper.
6) Gift tags....I make them every year....they will get done tonight! Hopefully I haven't forgotten what's what! Yikes!

Do you have a favorite Christmas decoration?
Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about my birthday give away! I will announce the winners VERY VERY soon!

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Elizabeth Harty said...

Loved that quilt. Especially the "peppermints" on it.

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