I stumbled accross this while surfing Bernina online
& drooling over the new Bernina 380....

As you know, I currently sew on the 240 and will never in a million-trillion years part with it. However, I am considering trying out the 380...

But...I definitly NEED one of these...only $29.95...it's a must!

The very coolest part of the whole shebang is that ALL the proceeds from these awesome customizers go to breast cancer research!

You can even upload your own picture (pets, kids, grandkids, favorite fabric, quilt....) and turn it into a sweet skin (cover plate) for your Bernina.

How will I ever live without it??

Seriously though...check it out...it's too cool for words


Jolyn said...

I'll try posting a comment again. Just got a 240! Love it!! Blue Earth's Quilt and wood carving Expo is this weekend at the high school. Karen McTavish speaks at 1 on Sat.

Sandi said...

I am looking for a new machine and was at Stelter's in Mankato checking out the Bernina's today. The "skin" is very interesting. Glad to hear you like your Bernina. I have a very trustworthy White portable but it is time to come into the 21st century and get a new machine with some "bells and whistles". :-)
Just wondering....I left a comment on the blog post for the charm packs but I never received an e-mail. If you sent one and it didn't get to me, try this one.... seasewhapy(at)yahoo(dot)com
Thanks, Sandi

Anonymous said...

Jolyn-Glad your loving your 240 too...it is a trustworthy, quality piece of equipment.

Sandi-Bernina would be a great addition to your sewing room. Just so you know, the 240 has been replaced by the 380 just this past month. It is the same machine, they just "updated the look". Either way you can't go wrong! Next time you are in the Calico Hutch, just tell them you replied to the blog and they'll hook you up with a charm pack.

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