~*~ You're ALL Invited ~*~

This is an invitation to:
~*~ My Birthday Party ~*~

For my Birthday, I have reserved the classroom at the shop to host an open sewing day and you are all invited to come and sew with me (and my mom)!

Wednesday December 14

Come when you can! Morning, evening or all day!

 All food / meals will be provided
PLEASE NO GIFTS...You're presence is enough...pun intended :)

Please RSVP your approximate sewing hours
so I know how many to count on for meals. You can do this by either:
1) leaving a comment on this post
2) sending me an email katie.zenk@hotmail.com

Hope to see some of you there!


www.farmquiltsbyjolyn.blogspot.com said...

forgot to add--I'll leave before 5. All this is dependent on the weather!

Jo said...

Hey Katie...I knew we must be kindred spirits, it's my birthday on the 14th too. I'd love to come sew but hubby has a doctor appointment in LaCrosse and we're finishing up some shopping. We went back to JoAnn's after we saw you...what an experience :) Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. If you need some help with something Moda for Bake Shop, drop me note.

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