First off, let me just say how stinkin' excited I am that it finally snowed last night. You see, unlike a majority of Minnesotans, I actually LOVE snow and can't wait for it to come each year. We didn't get much, but they say we're getting more on Saturday. It finally feels right to decorate for Christmas.

Now for the sewing stuff. Last night I was about to cut into the pretty Butterscotch and Roses kit from a few posts back so I could start stitching away on the sample. But I decided I better finish an already started project before I start another one. So, I got my finishing kit for my 2011 Calico Hutch BOM all ready to sew. PS...I love that this year we got to choose our own finishing fabrics from anything in the store!

Here's what I came up with:

My blocks...all but the December installment

And my finishing kit
Light: narrow block sashing
Gold: Sashing corner post star points
Red: Corner post star centers
Brown and green: wide sashing.

I had just the brown for shashing, but then wheels started to spin. I did some math and I discovered I had enough for an outer border too (which is why I felt the urge to buy more than I needed....just in case ). Then I figured out that if I put green sashing around the edge and brown in the middle and then add a light narrow border (like my narrow block sashing) around the whole top I can have my brown outer border and hopefully it will turn out as pretty as the mental image I have. However, I think I'll make just a couple green sashing blocks and try them out before I go all hog wild. Sometimes my ideas aren't as awesome as I build them up to be in my over active imagination!

Oh yeah, also by adding the extra narrow inner and wide outer border, It makes better use of my backing fabric...instead of 61" wide, the top should now measure around 75" making perfect use of my backing width!
Hopefully tonight I'll get a chance to turn on my sewing machine and start working!

PS: When did Mc D's stop making cherry pies?....I'm slightly irritated. I don't eat them often but I want them there waiting for me when I have the sudden urge to consume hundreds of empty calories!

In pieces

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