Dear Friends,
I hope that you all had wonderful Christmas celebrations! I know I sure did. Every year I try to have all the shopping done before Thanksgiving so that when Christmas comes around, I can just enjoy the holiday. Every year, including this one, I'm wrong. Yes, the shopping was done by my deadline, but for some reason, Christmas time still is incredibly busy and for some reason, it's you...my blog friends...that get neglected. However, I'm back and have some things to share with you!

First: My yearly Christmas card picture
Maybe not this exact shot because you can't see my eyes...
...but same pose.

Second: The tree in the above picture morphed into this:
It looks like the leaning tower, but this girl didn't notice the funny angle when she took the picture...what ever are we going to do with her???
As you can see, Santa was good this year :)
...or Katie REALLY like wrapping presents and wrapped every little thing individually!

Third: Somehow I found time to make this for my Grandma for Christmas:
It's just a little guy but boy was he time consuming!!! Grandpa told me the other day that they're taking it in to be framed....guess the liked it!

Fourth: These were so hot off the press when I took them to Civil War Tribute club last night that there was still steam billowing off ! I didn't think I would have time for them, but....ta da! I pulled it off :)
Once again, there is something seriously wrong with the photographer...another crooked picture...grrr!!! I'm going to have to do something about that!

Finally, my birthday party was a lot of fun and thank you to all who came and stitched away the day with me! I designed a little wool pincushion and gave a kit to everyone who came that day. However, I "accidentally" cut some extra kits so I could share them with some of my blog friends. So, stop back often next week because I'm having a give away one day...can't tell ya when because it's going to be a surprise! You know, like a surprise birthday party :)

Merry Belated Christmas!


Anonymous said...

hmmm, wonder which one of those beautiful gifts could have my name on it? Love, m

Robert said...

Don't think the tree is leaning. I think you took the picture with the window frame at an angle, which makes the tree look like it's leaning. (Optical illusion.) Beautiful tree with lots of presents under it. Kids are coming tomorrow night for Christmas, so need to get busy cleaning.

Anonymous said...

Very cute, Katie! We so enjoy your spirit and liveliness when we trek up to MN from KS. Glad to hear your b/d was fun!
Judy Brennan - Overland Park, KS

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