~*~ RUBY ~*~

Soooo stinkin' excited these days...
I wait all year for Bonnie & Camille's fabric line to come out in October!
They are a mother/daughter team and tend to design some awesome fabrics...
Modern but not too funky...just fresh and playful
This year I'm especially lovin' the gray....ya see, for some reason I'm hooked on gray-

Anywho, over the course of the next few days, this beauteous stack is going to become a lovely quilt!
Can't wait to keep you posted! I PROMISE I'll be better about posting....life was a little crazy there for a while...I'm sure you all understand how that goes!

Can't wait to start cutting, but first I must, must, MUST finish my civil war blocks for Wed. night meeting so I can get my free fat quarter...It amazes me what a quilter will go through for a free fat quarter :)

Enjoy this autumn Monday!

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