Talk about one creative weekend!

Greetings from my creative zone! This past weekend I fully channeled my creativity that's for sure!
I began working on the feature quilt for the bus trip this coming weekend.

The batik part...not the 30s :)
I think I need another design wall....or just a bigger one!
 I have 1/3 of the blocks done....usually batiks don't appeal to me, but I'm really liking the way these are turning out. Maybe I do like batiks! There will be kits available VERY VERY SOON!!!

And, I stared taking hardanger through community education. I really wasn't anticipating the 6 week commitment but the instructor is a really sweet older lady whom I know from different things around town. Last time I saw her I mentioned that I was interested in learning sometime. Note the key, non-commital words "interested" and "sometime". The day before class was slated to start she called me at work.... here is the direct quote. "yeah, say, it's Helen. What color doilie do you want to make in class tomorrow. White or ivory...I need to know so I can get a starter kit ready for you." Long story short, this fall is not the best timing to be making such a commitment but what the heck. So, Here's how far I've gotten...I know, impressive right ;) The class itself was a unique experiance I will save for another time-
And, as we all already know, I'm a night owl. A lot of times I'm too alert to go to sleep but not alert enough to cut and sew without making ridiculous mistakes. So, I knit or crochet or as of late, work on my ivory hardanger doilie. This past weekend I hit the knitting pretty hard. Note: I am by no means an expert knitter or even a good knitter, but I like doing it so I do. I should have probably taken the knitting class through community education too!

I worked on a scarf that I started last fall. When I took it out Thursday night it was only 6" long. As of Saturday, It was about 36" long and I had stop because I ran out of yarn. Then when I was randomly rummaging through some things, I found another skein so now I can finish....I am one lucky ducky!!!

After traumatically running out of yarn and before miraculously finding more, I packed the scarf away and moved on. I dug out some circular needles (I bought a whole bag of needles at a garage sale for $1.00) and some purple yarn that's been gracing my yarn tote for a few months and started my first ever circular needle project: a baby shawl. It's just a simple seed stitch and so far I'm lovin the circular needles.
So, that's the end of my weekend creativity...
Hope you all were able to have some creative time too!

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