Bus Trip Quilt is Done!

I present to you a new sample:

Bus Trip Quilt with No Name
56 x 82 (ish...I think)
Made with 63 - 2 1/2" strips 

I like it....I really like it....I like it a lot....I really like it a lot
I took it to work to show my dad and he really likes it too :)
Kits available! I know you want one-

Oh yeah, incase you haven't gathered, it's a bus trip weekend at the shop meaning that throughout the weekend we will have several busses full of quilteres stopping by the shop. This means that pretty much every employee will be working (including yours truely) all weekend. The block used in this quilt is the "official" block of the bus trip...every shop made something out of it...I think.

So, stop on by and capture some of the great energy from the bus trip this weekend...you won't regret it!


Robert said...

I like it to - what was the pattern and fabric? Do I put it on my bucket list to do? What do we call our quilt bucket list?

Elizabeth Harty said...

Great use of fabrics. This would be a great quilt for a guy.

Marsha said...

This is a beautiful quilt! When I took a closer look I realized this is a block pattern some of my blog buddies and I used to make a signature quilt in 2010. It is a block that can be used with any type of fabric and look wonderful!

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