No Excuses!

It has been a while...too long! I have no excuses or pictures to show of my absence.
So, you may wonder where exactly have I been for the last week....here's the best I can do:

In the garden
Scooting around town on my scooter
Baking pies
Working Friday night at the shop
Eating pie
Washing clothes
Working at church
Making potato salad
Eating potato salad
On a horse
Eating steak
Eating potato salad
Musical rehearsals
(Gypsy....Albert Lea...July 14-17, 21-23)
Eating watermelon
Being carried away by mosquitoes!
Working on a wool project
Watching fireworks
Eating ice cream
On the boat
Feeding the cat
Eating strawberries
Watering plants
Doing a bed turning with mom
(hey...I have pictures of that!)
Playing in the community band
Sewing MN fabric stuff....pictures coming soon :)

ahhh....such a sweet, sweet life :)

I've missed you all and hope many wonderful patriotic celebrations were had-


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