Last Night & WINNERS!!!

Last night I put the pedal to the metal (or to the tile floor) and made the alternate blocks for June Bug and put the top together...Now I just need to add the borders...tonight?? I LOVE it so far!

And now on to the
Birthday Giveaway WINNERS

I made a bunch of theses cute little mittens:

The pattern is a FREE printable PDF one I found on the Oliver+S Blog here.

I did make a couple little changes, but nothing too major. And yes, I some how managed to make 1 left hand mitten and all the rest righties :)

The 5 Winners are:

1} Doris who likes almond cream cake from a bakery in Des Moines
2} Shelley who likes champagne cake
3} Janice who likes the angel food cake made from scratch by here mom
4} Elizabeth who likes carrot cake because she can pretend it's healthy
5} Pam who likes cheesecake with some sort of fruit sauce

Plus } I made an extra for Jo because we share the same birthday :)

So....be watching your in boxes for an email from calicohutch@gmail.com if you're a winner and be sure to reply with your address.

Enjoy the day!


Elizabeth Harty said...

Woot! Woot! Looking forward to getting my mitten!

Love the quilt, too. What's the fabric?

Shelley said...

Yeah! How adorable. Can't wait to get my mitten. My mother is coming up to the shop today, maybe she can pick it up and save you some postage! Thank You!

Shelley said...

Or me postage! I would be happy to pay :)

Doris said...

Hey, I'm winner #1!!! Yeah!

West Des Moines, IA

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