It's a "Nice Day" to do up your "Block of the Month"

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know, cheesy. What can I say, I'm not very good at naming things which I probably why I have a cat named Miss Kitty and most of the time the titles of my posts are a little on the lame side.

As you may have guessed, last night I sewed up my January Calico Hutch Block of the Month (I went out of my comfort zone here folks and signed up for Kansas Troubles....I've never sewed with them before!)

I like it :) I did a couple color swaps because I'm like that and can never seem to do anything just like the pattern....unless it's something I'm doing up for a sample, then I follow the 'structions to the T. But, this is just for me so I changed my center block and the "rust" corners were supposed to be maroon.

I bet if you called the shop and asked, the nice ladies there would let ya sign up still :)
They're very helpful and their phone number is:

Also, here is the "Nice Day" kit I did up for the shop.

I used Park Avenue by 3 Sisters for Moda
Sorry for the photo quality...it's hanging weird at the shop and It's not quilted yet-
~ But you get the idea...it's pretty spiffy ~
I believe the kit is $22 which is a bargain.
It comes with 2 charm packs
2 Fat Quarter for you backgrounds
And a binding (red I do believe)

I bet if ya called the ladies at the shop they would either set one aside for you
or pop one in the mail...because, as I stated earlier, they're just nice like that!
Again, their phone number is:

So...How are you coming on your January Schnibble?
Don't forget to send me a picture (doesn't need to be quilted)
so your name can go in the drawing to win big.

What's currently working its way through your sewing machine?
Do tell, do tell!


Elizabeth Harty said...

I'm doing Kansas Trouble, too, and it's not my traditional color preferences (bright, basics). Missed BOM launch meetings, so I haven't got my started yet.
I've never thought about replacing some of the fabrics in a BOM. You're such a rebel.

Pam said...

I don't live close to Hayward, how can you participate in the BOM when you don't live close?


Katie said...

Hi Pam-
Sorry it's taken me so long to answer your question. I talked to Carolyn at the shop (the owner) who told me that they would love to have you join the fun. All you have to do is call the shop 507-377-1163, and talk to Carolyn to register. It is $5.00 for the block, $1 extra for the sashing, and $1 a month for postage for a total of $7 a month.

Enjoy the day!

Sherri Schumacher said...

Hi Katie, What is that contraption you're riding? It certainly doesn't look like a snowmobile; is it a new style of sled for this mild winter we're having? Anyway, I don't know how you have the time to do all that you do, and sew besides! Have a good wknd. Sherri

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