Waste not, want not!!

So...I save everything....
As you can see, I once again have a mountain of batting scraps....so, it's time to make another Rag Time!
I've been collecting fat quarts of the woven flannels on Fat Fridays
(if you don't know about this, the last Friday of every month is Fat Friday. All rolled fats in the store are $1.75!)
And tonight I cut up all my batting scraps into this beautiful tote of Rag Time size batting squares. Now, I just need to cut up the fats so I can get to sewing!!!

If you haven't made a Rag Time, you should consider it! They are the softest, warmest, cuddliest, mot comfortable and fought over quilts you could ever make! Every quilter should make one at some point in the quilting career :) It's also a perfect use for the strips of batting the quilter gives back to you!

PS: There are Rag Time patterns and multiple kit options available at the shop!

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