Civil War Club

So exciting! The phenomenal quilt's we've been working on for the past 10 months are nearing completion....what an incredible sense of accomplishment!!

Here's one all done....border and all.

And Karen has hers all together with borders coming...

Same for Kim...all together with borders coming soon :)

And Bobbi brought show and tell....an old Calico Hutch Block of the Month quilt. This one has been done for a while and has resided on her bed for a few years. Pretty soon it's getting demoted and her Chronicles quilt is taking over!!
And last but not least, Violet made this cute little wall hanging for her kitchen. it's a little blurry because she lightning fast!

oh, I almost forgot!!! Here's another beautiful Chronicles quilt nearly finished...missing only the border.

So, If you're wanting to join the fun, we're starting a new quilt in May of June...I can't remember. It will be another intense project that leaves you finished with a huge sense of accomplishment.

See ya next month at club!!??

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Johanna said...

I REALLY need a store like ths in my state!

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