Groovy Girls Month 1 - Success!

Good Morning!

I'm pleased to report that our first ever meeting of the Groovy Girls that took place Saturday morning was a complete success! After all the time I spent making samples and demos and getting everything just perfect, I was glad the it was enjoyed and a good time for the crowd that came.

The featured project was Terry Atkinson's Stand and Stow bag. Pictured in the medium (grey print).
The free Terry Atkinson pattern was for the Monkey Business bag. Picture in the yellow floral with teal.

I had a whole display ready for the clubbies...I brought decor from my home and had everything you could need to make the projects ready and available which made shopping a breeze!

Did you know that with your club membership you receive a card for 20% off all Terry Atkinson products and stuff to make Terry Atkinson projects???? Talk about incentive to join!!

And everyone left happy and ready to start sewing their new projects!
PS: it's not too late to join! Simply register with the shop and you'll receive the free pattern you missed as well as the membership card.

Hope to see you Saturday Feb 4!


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