Monday Night Madness!

Last night I....

1) stared at this beautiful bundle / kit itching to cut it up...but, there are other things that I need to finish up on first...however, this pretty stack is how I will be spending my black Friday!

2) Worked on my Civil War Tribute blocks...made a bazillion HST :)
First ya cut your fabrics slightly larger than the paper...I'm down to only needing 1/4"
Then ya sew on all the sew lines and then trim on all the trim lines
nip the corners off and then peel off all the papers...good thing the garbage man comes today!
and you're left with PERFECT HST that don't need any trimming!

3) And then I worked on some hardanger for Grandma for Christmas....
I started with a pattern for the basic outline and then just kind of made things up...not done yet, still needs a border and inner filling thingers, but you get the idea.

Hope y'all get some good stitchin time in today!

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