Farmer's Wife: Month 5 blocks (37-46)

Welcome to month 5 of the Farmer's Wife blocks. Can you believe we're almost half done already??? Doesn't it seem like just yesterday when we started in on these little beauties?

This month I made 10 blocks.
Please note that block 37-Flower Pot and block 43-Garden Path both have the beloved Y-Seams.
Confession...up till now, I had managed to NEVER sew a Y-seam and the thought made me really nervous. That's when I went and found this video clip on YouTube that really made it simple and I'm happy to say that all my Y-seams turned out perfect on the FIRST try. Here's the magical video.

Now that you've been educated on the simplicity of the Y-seam, we move on to our blocks.

Block 37: Flower Pot
This block has 2 Y-seams. Don't get stressed, just watch the clip a couple times and then move on and stitch :)
You can do it, I have confidence in you!!

Block 38: Four Winds
Nothing to technically difficult, just take your time and be sure your seams are scant!

Block 39: Friendship
So my seams "nested" nicely, I pressed the "red" blocks to inner little triangle and the "blue" blocks to the outer big triangle.

Block 40: Friendship Block

Block 41: Friendship Star

Block 42: Fruit Basket

Block 43: Garden Path
This is the other little stinker that uses Y-seams. It does go together nicely though!

Block 44: Gentleman's Fancy

Block 45: Grape Basket
I opted to make a blueberry basket. Do you remember the children's book "Blueberries for Sal"?? It was one of my favorites as a child and I think my mom had it memorized! If you haven't, consider taking a trip to the children's library and give it a quick read....truly a timeless classic in my opinion. Thus, I've entitled this block "Blueberries for Sal".

Block 46: Hill and Valley



Johanna said...

I'll have to bookmark that video! I have never done any of those yet.

Anonymous said...

it works! it works! can't wait to do another block with y seams and get it set in my mind for good! Thank you Katie for sharing this.

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